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Vincent McLoughlin

63 Roywood Drive

Toronto, ON M3A2C9


Phone: 647-765-6331

Professional info​

During my time at Waterloo, I have had six different co-op placements, ranging from the automotive industry to network communications to industrial automation. Through these I have developed the technical and soft skills necessary to be an effective engineer.

Work experience
Engineering Intern 

Electrans Technologies Ltd., Burlington, Ontario

April 2018 - August 2018, 

Electrans Technologies is a new company based in Oakville, Ontario. They work on turning existing transport trucks into hybrid vehicles. While there I began redesigning the control system of the electric motor system, creating a prototype that will allow Electrans to replace the Industrial PC with a micro-controller based solution.


Through this I gained experience with CAN communication and C programming. I also modified the drawings in SolidWorks to show new configurations to potential customers.

Student Design Engineering (Video)

Evertz Microsystems, Burlington, Ontario

​Sept 2017 - December 2017

While at Evertz I worked as part of the video compression team. I redesigned the error tracking thread so that it no longer had an adverse effect on video performance. I also refactored code so that multiple video standards ran off the same processing code, rather than each standard having their own functions.


Thanks to this I gained a lot of experience using C++ in pseudo-real time systems. I also improved my knowledge of multi-threaded applications and the use of mutexes and semaphores. I also performed some PHP work on some of the device's web pages.

Electrical Automation Co-op

Dot Automation, Toronto, Ontario

​Jan 2017 - April 2017


While at Dot Automation, I created an industrial production monitoring system, known as the PROMISE (Production Monitoring Sensor) system. This system used an Arduino Yun (a standard arduino with a small Linux-based computer attached) to detect when parts were being produced by a factory machine. It would then send this information to a database in the cloud, with data on how long it took to produce the part, and how many parts had been made so far. 

Each day this information would compiled and sent as a report to the head engineer in charge of the machine. The system would also send an email alert if the machine experienced any unscheduled downtime. 

I performed all the work for this system, including the circuit design, the micro-controller programming, the cloud management, and the creation of the reporting/emailing system. I gained experience with C, JavaScript, Python, and circuit design through this work

Programming Intern
Avaya Communications, Galway, Ireland

May 2016 - August 2016, 

While at Avaya Communications, I created a software tool to modernise the server reporting system. Previously whenever reports on server reports were generated, they came in the form of a raw text file, which made finding important information quite difficult. I built a new Windows GUI App that turned these reports into a HTML file and evaluated key parameters such as processor speed, memory size, and operating system depending on customer requirements. This cut time spent searching for information in reports by 75%.

Thanks to this role I vastly improved my skills in HTML, CSS, PowerShell, and User Interface Design

Helpdesk Analyst

FGF Brands, Toronto, Ontario

​Sept 2015 - December 2015

While at FGF Brands I worked as part of the IT support team, and served as one of the primary points of contact for an organisation of over 300 employees. Through working at FGF I gained experience with communicating with users who were not technologically proficient, and created a "How-to" database to help future interns get up to speed more quickly.


Systems Support Officer

Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT), Toronto, Ontario

​January 2015 - April 2015

During my time at the OPGT I assisted the IT team by providing support to the rest of the organisation. This included things like dealing with help desk tickets, troubleshooting software, and replacing hardware when needed. I also assisted the development team who were performing an upgrade on some of our in-house software. Lastly, I created a documented scanning tool using PowerShell that made the current document scanning software obsolete, saving the organisation about $2000 annually. 












PLC Programming 

Circuit Design

Embedded Systems


Quality Assurance

University of Waterloo
2014 - present
Mechatronics Engineering

During my time at the University of Waterloo, I have taken many courses and projects to make myself a better engineer. Some of the more notable ones can be found on the projects page.

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